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The Institute for High Performance Planning (IHPP) was founded by Richard Muther with a simple mission:

  • Advance the usefulness and importance of planning methods in planning for all activities — both personal and professional.
  • Improve planning methods so that planners can use them easily and effectively.

Our group is made up of a range of consultants, educators and business people, in fact, to anyone interested in developing and using planning to improve their work and personal lives.

We've always been a small, informal group, built around an annual conference, and personal and professional interactions throughtout the rest of year. We have both US and international members. But over the past two years, we've had to reeevaluate the way we operate, like most other businesses and organizations.

It's the perfect time to establish our operations online, beyond just an informational web site.

One of our goals has always been to distribute the results of our planning research, papers and presentations. We're currently building an archive of member presentations, as well as asking for new materials.

As our first phase, we'd also like to create a registered user group — at no cost — in addition to our existing membership. We're hoping to expand our library as a resource that can be used by any planners with an interest or need, and we'd like to include materials from planners whose materials would be helpful.

What are our requirements? We've always cast a wide net.

  • Past TOPICS have included planning an internationail conference; planning a family vacation; IT projects with unique geographic challenges; financial planning for small business; planning a successful election campaign; migrating many and varying classroom curricula to a distance learning platform; developing corporate strategic plans; and many more.

  • Acceptable FORMATS can be many, include presentations, published and unpublished articles, white papers, academic papers, video and audio presentations, strategic plan and project planning documentation, and more.

If you're interested, contact the IHPP Chairman:Larry Goodson • IHPP • P.O. Box 704 • Wildwood, Missouri • 63040 • Phone: (636) 448-9316

Some Member Activities

Professor Lubomir Popov - IHPP Board Member - works with student.
Lubomir Popov
IHPP Board Member

Popov received the 2020 Professorship of Research Excellence Award at Bowling Green State University. He's a professor in the Interior Design Program of the BGSU School of Family & Consumer Services. Popov's interests include the integration of planning methodologies into core curricula, applicable to all areas of study.

Larry Goodson - IHPP Chairman - delivering presentation.
Larry Goodson
IHPP Chairman

Above, Goodson delivers a presentation, Planning a Successful Election Campaign, at an IHPP conference. Members and participants are encouraged to develop and share planning strategies applicable to their personal, as well as their professional, lives. Goodson is the President & CEO of LDGA Consulting, with a broad range of expertise, including strategy planning, facilities rationalization, High Performace Process Improvement Teams. and Lean Operations.

Hakan Butuner (left) - IHPP Board Member at one of our conferences.
Hakan Bütüner
IHPP Board Member

Bütüner, Ph.D., chats with member Jaime Hernandez at one of our conference social hours. For many years, Bütüner both taught and operated his own industrial management and engineering firm, IMECO, in the U.S. and his native Turkey. In 2021, he accepted a position as Adjunct Professor at Webster University in St. Louis. He'll continue to coordinate with our European members.

Richard Muther photo

The IHPP was created in the early 1970s by the late Richard "Dick" Muther, a widely respected industrial engineer and management consultant, considered to be "the father of systematic facilities planning." As the founder of Richard Muther & Associates, he participated in more than 1,000 professional planning and consulting jobs for clients including Deere, Volvo, Harvester, Caterpillar, Kenworth Truck and the Japanese Management Association.

In addition to receiving numerous industry awards, Muther wrote and co-wrote more than 100 articles and technical papers, and published 17 books and workbooks. Topics include Systematic Layout Analysis (SLA), Systematic Handling Analysis (SHA) and written more than 100 articles and technical papers. Topics include Systematic Layout Planning (SLP), Systematic Handling Analysis (SHA), production line, plant, office and industrial facility layouts, and Planning by Design.

IHPP • P.O. Box 704 • Wildwood, MO 63040 • (636) 448-9316 • goodson.larry@ihpp.org

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